The Red Horse

Original Watercolor 15.5" x 11.5"
I grew up on a farm in Upstate New York and started riding Tony, one of our five horses, when I was about four years old. I bonded very deeply with the equine spirit, and though I’ve not ridden in thirty years, the horse remains one of my most essential archetypes. The Red Horse symbolizes our inner passions and desires, the deepest of which is to be truly FREE…Free of the thinking that “bridles” our joy…Free of the fear that “reigns” in our unguarded expression of love…Free to move beyond the mental fences we’ve erected that prevent us from experiencing our true limitlessness. The spirit of the horse is within us all. It says..”Don’t fence me in with fears and doubts! I want to be fully alive, expressing the power and grace of my soul!” Will we allow ourselves to feel our deepest desires, or keep them “corralled” for yet another day?

Alternative Sizes

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