The Panther and the Dove

Original Watercolor 18" x 23"
I’ve always had the feeling that I was part panther and part dove. I resonate with the primal, instinctive strength and power of the big cats, as well as the gentle, peace making qualities of the dove…but hadn’t quite found the way to express one without repressing the other. This painting arose during a period when I was finally integrating these two seemingly opposite aspects within myself. I was embracing my instinctive ability to act in alignment with my truth in each moment..without concern about how others would perceive me. I discovered that genuine peace can only exist when I am deeply true to myself. Perhaps you can relate! The butterfly is my little reminder that we are involved in a process of divine metamorphosis…destined to emerge as beings of effortless integrity, always functioning for the greater good of all.

Alternative Sizes

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