Original Watercolor 22.5" x 25.5"
I’ve always had a thing for volcanoes. They are such a powerful symbol of renewal. From the depths of the Earth, molten Life rises up and overflows, creating new ground from which further Life can spring. Within each of us is that same primal capacity to continuously regenerate and create. This painting declares “I am letting go and allowing the healing, creative power of Source to flow forth.” Fiery red orange lava pours from the womb of the winged woman, as she gives birth to the Life seeking expression through her. That Life may take the form of renewed health, a creative offering, ever increasing plenty and beauty…..symbolized by the lush, radiant garden in the foreground. The rainbow arching overhead is the promise of fulfillment as we say YES to all that God would give to and through us.

Alternative Sizes

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