Leap of Faith (Wings)

Original Watercolor 19.5" x 22"
I painted Leap of Faith as a birthday present for a friend who was about to make a major change in her life. As I worked on the painting I realized it was also for me…and for all of us who have reached the point where we can no longer allow fear to dictate our actions. Something holy and beautiful within us simply MUST come forth, spread it’s wings and soar. Our desire for expansion and expression has finally grown stronger than the urge to contract and protect. The winged woman has closed her physical eyes and is allowing her heart to lead the way. Rather than look outside ourselves for the map of where to go and what to do, she is inspiring us to follow the guidance and wisdom of our Hearts…for Love knows the way and gives us wings.

Alternative Sizes

If you would like to purchase this print in another size, please contact Noell.