Original Watercolor 22.5" x 25"
Jeshua, (aka Jesus), has been a healing, guiding Presence throughout my life. I felt deeply called to paint my heart felt sense of this ascended Master. I saw him sitting cross legged with his eyes wide open. His right hand pointed to his heart, reminding us that as we love unconditionally we are awakening from the mind’s fearful dream of separation from God. He held the yin/yang symbol in his left hand, symbolizing the union of the masculine and feminine energies within. The white dove shone above his head, depicting the Holy Spirit…or our Whole Spirit that inspires our every action as we let go to Love more fully in our daily lives. This painting hangs opposite my bed and is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. It’s better than coffee.

Alternative Sizes

If you would like to purchase this print in another size, please contact Noell.