Centered Kwan Yin

Original Watercolor 20" x 25.5"
Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, is traditionally depicted as pouring forth the waters of compassion upon the suffering of the world. I felt inspired to paint her in a new light…where she is demonstrating how we can each ease our own suffering. She stands on a wine red lotus in the midst of a choppy sea. The wind whips her skirts and hair, yet she remains centered…her arms open and welcoming. Kwan Yin is showing us that the more grounded and present we are to our experience, (the red lotus), the less we suffer. The more we accept and embrace whatever arises, trusting that all things work for our ultimate good, the more smooth and peaceful our path. I have caused a fair amount of misery for myself by resisting what IS. I am, therefore, so very grateful to have discovered the way of the open, trusting heart….and most thankful to Kwan Yin for helping me find The Way.

Alternative Sizes

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