About the Artist: Noell Grace

Visionary Watercolor Artist

The Artist’s Path

I was moved to explore the artist’s path after twenty-eight years as a very busy metaphysical minister, teacher and counselor. I felt inspired to express in form the archetypal beings I saw in my mind’s eye . Like the Phoenix, Pegasus, Kwan Yin, Fairies and Panthers, these vivid images have welled up from the depths of my heart and taken me on a creative journey as they emerged on the paper.

My chosen medium is wondrous watercolor. I love its transparency, brilliance and subtlety. I delight in the textured effects of sprinkling salt on wet paint, the richness of multiple glazes and the surprises that arise when colors flow into each other. I like to paint in the colors I feel, which can give rise to red horses, purple panthers and rainbow hair.

Painting has become a part of my spiritual practice. As fears and doubts arise, (“Yikes! How am I going to paint that?”…..,“Uh-oh. Blew it. Now what?!”….”What was I thinking! I don’t know how to paint!”), I take a deep breath, relax and drop into Stillness. Ideas of what to do next float into my quiet mind and I shift from trying to make something happen to allowing it to unfold through me.